Monday, July 15, 2013

Google Map Street View Offroad

Google map! we all are fan of it right ? especially its street view. All you need to do is drag & drop the little yellow fella on map and you are in street view.
Have you ever imagined how it is done ? well, some of you might know that it is done with Google Street view cars. Like this one

Well, please ignore the lady and look at the technology. This street view car is though recording 360° views of streets with a High Quality camera on top of it. Most of the people would say "Meh.. I already know this".
But what about places like jungle, volcano side etc. Can google map able to provide us a street view there ? Answer is YES.

Meet Mr.Chris Fiock who is a Street View Operations Lead at Google (Right) teaching Mr.Jaci Matsuo  (middle)Trekker of Hawaii Forest.

Now with this cool backpack Street view recorder, Google now able to record some of the wildest areas. When I say "wildest" then it means, you can simply walk in mordor with this one.

And there is more of it...Examples are below.

1) Street View Snowmobile

Explore Street View Snowmobile in Google Map click here

2) Street View Trike

Explore Street View Trike in Google map click here

3) Street View Trolley

Explore Street View Trolley in Google map click here

Coolest part of Google map street view is, it is now open to all. If you are a tourism board, non-profit, government agency, university, research organization or other entity interested in borrowing a Street View Trekker to capture and share imagery from a place you know and care about, please Apply Today.

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it.
Amit Naik

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