Saturday, June 2, 2012

copy image using wget PHP

Hello everyone,
I have just written a PHP script to wget any image.
All you need to do is get the full path of your image e.g. is path to google logo.
So now lets wget google's logo.


$mainimage = ""; //this would be the path of your live image which you want to download

$thebasename =  basename($mainimage); //here we will get logo3w.png i.e. name of file

$filename = explode(".", $thebasename); //explode it with extention
do {
if($i > 0) $filename[0]++;
else $filename[0] = $filename[0].$i;
    }while(file_exists("tmp_cover/".$filename[0].".".$filename[1])); //typical do while to check for unique file name
 $image_dir = "tmp_cover/"; //this will be your directory where you want to save your image
 $fresh_file = $filename[0].".".$filename[1]; //this is our renamed file if file already exists
 $image_drs = $image_dir.$fresh_file; //i have concatinated the path so it becomes easier to use in wget function
 system("wget -q \"$mainimage\" -O $image_drs");  //image uploaded with wget -q

 1)Please check if your wget version is wget v1.12 and php is php v5.3.1 or greater.
 2)Give full permissions to your files (chmod 777 your_dir) or use filezilla client to give full permission to your folder.
 3)I have created tmp_cover folder at /opt/lampp/htdocs with 777 permissions.