Thursday, March 7, 2013

Google Chrome's Data Compression Proxy

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I was just checking the New Google Chrome for Android. It is really a faster android browser.
Infact Google is now comeup with Data Compression Proxy settings.

Now you might think what is Data Compression Proxy?

As per Google this latest Chrome Beta for Android includes an experimental feature to reduce cellular data usage and speed up mobile web browsing,
using proxy servers hosted at Google to optimize website content.

In Google's internal testing, this feature has been shown to reduce data usage by 50% and speed up page load times on cellular networks!

You can also enable this awesome feature.
To enable Data Compression Proxy settings do the following steps in your new Beta Chrome browser.
1) Visit chrome://flags in your browser
2) Select “Enable Data Compression Proxy”
Plain and simple. You are done.

Now after enabling this feature you would be able to reduce overall data usage and speed up the page load times. This feature is performed by Google's massive powerful servers.
Chrome mobile opens a dedicated SPDY connection between your phone and one of the optimization servers running in Google’s datacenters and relays all HTTP requests over this connection.

SPDY for speed

The connection from the mobile device to the proxy runs over SPDY, an optimized protocol for the Web that is supported by Chrome, Firefox and Opera, and is also the basis for the forthcoming HTTP/2.0 standard being developed in the IETF. For more info on SPDY go to open source Chromium Projects SPDY page >>

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  1. SPDY/4 사용 Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android
    HTTP/2 표준인 SPDY/4를 사용하도록 설정합니다. 현재 시험 버전입니다. #enable-spdy4