Wednesday, March 28, 2012

see the webpage in 3d with firefox 11.0

Hello guys,
I just saw the brand new firefox which is 11.0 for windows. It is really the performance browser.
If you install the new firebug it will allow you to view any webpage in 3d mode. Just right click on webpage and select Inspect Element. After that you will see the new firebug bar at the bottom of your page then click on the 3d button which is at the right bottom. Now you are in 3d mode.
To zoom in or zoom out just use control + mouse scroll or to view from different angle just press control key + left mouse key + move the mouse pointer.

Here are some of the screenshots in 3d mode of my blog.

I think new firebug is kinda cool and really advance. There are lots of new features in it.

Enjoy & be open.
long live linux.

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